Brazil: More toxic metals found in the waters of Barcarena

The Evandro Chagas Institute (ECI) announced on Wednesday that substantial quantities of toxic metals such as lead, cobalt, uranium and manganese were confirmed in the waters of Barcarena, a city in the Amazon region of northern Brazil. The research institute linked to the Brazilian Health Ministry announced in its second technical report on the region's environment risks «a new discovery of... Еще last week: a channel dedicated to getting rid of ashes which is also not declared by the company and is considered irregular,» blaming the Norwegian aluminum firm Norsk Hydro on the leak of the toxic metals. «The company stated the treatment of these metals was controlled, but there is no way that such a thing is even possible when there is no safe level for those kinds of toxic elements,» researchers added. The water samples were collected between February 28 and March 8. Residents of Barcarena complain of suffering from diarrhea, stomach pains and skin itching since a record amount of rain reportedly cause a bauxite residue disposal reservoir to spill last February 16, 2017. The pool waste belongs to the Alunorte aluminum refinery, owned by Norsk Hydro. According to the local people, during the storm, red-coloured water flooded their houses and contaminated the region. Following the incident, residents that live in the area around the waste pool started to feel the symptoms. The company denies that there was any spill or contamination, but on a statement recognised that it used a canal to discharge rainwater from the factory into the local river on the occasion. «Rainwater from the refinery area may contain bauxite dust and traces of caustic soda, but the water had not been in contact with the bauxite residue deposit areas,» reads the company statement. For more on this story:

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