Brazil: Meet Geovane, 23-year old Ferrari designer

Car designer Geovane Felix Ramos Santos displayed his latest version of Ferrari in his home town of Paramirim, Bahia, Monday. The vehicle has cost him 6,000 BRL (€1,580) so far. The idea to build a car came to the 23-year old in October last year. He said, «Because I am very passionate about Ferraris, I made my own [car].» The young inventor built the car in his spare time. He noted that he... Еще used «parts of a bus, the engine of a motorcycle and parts of other cars» to create «this cute Ferrari,» which he said is «for exhibiting, not driving every day.» Santos, a motorcycle mechanic, attributed his inventive streak to parental inspiration, saying, «I am the son of a blacksmith. My dad made a plane out of a Beatles car in the 80s.»

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