Brazil: Massive wildfires still blazing in Pantanal wetlands

Massive wildfires continue to rage across Brazil's tropical Pantanal region close to the central-western city of Corumba on Monday, wreaking havoc for one of the most biodiverse places in the world. Numerous species can be seen lying dead over ashes and embers, or unable to move due to the smoke and high temperatures in the area. Some tried to escape the fires running towards the roads and ended... Еще being run over by drivers, including one tapir. «If you walk 100 metres around here, you will see more than 100 dead animals, not to mention those who are injured or burned,» said local resident Osmar Lima. To Airton Manena, who lives in the area for 36 years, these are the worst wildfires seen in the past 13 years. «It's been burning for almost one week. We put the fire out and it starts again. And all the Pantal is burning,” he said. According to reports, the fire that hit Pantanal in recent weeks has already destroyed an area the size of Rio de Janeiro. The fires in the Brazilian Pantanal region, which has seen its worst blazes since 2007, come after thousands of wildfires ravaged the Amazon rainforest earlier in the year, provoking an international outcry at the Brazilian government's environmental policies.

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