Brazil: Lula attends rally attacking Bolsonaro's cultural policies in Rio

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva took part in a rally in Rio de Janeiro for the first time since his release from jail, where he denounced current President Jair Bolsonaros's government for its cultural policies, on Wednesday. A very cheerful crowd of artists, intellectuals and supporters chanted, sang, and clapped to the words of Lula at the rally, where he was joined by his... Еще fellow Worker's Party member and presidential successor, Dilma Rouseff. When addressing the audience about his time in jail, Lula expressed how important reading was to him during his incarceration. «I read, read to get rid of the silence and loneliness, I read to learn, to acquire more knowledge, to get out of there a better man than when I got in. I read to be free, because when you fly on the wings of a book, when you have such a strong weapon in your hands such as a work of art, there are no bars nor walls that can keep you locked in,» he said. Lula was convicted and sentenced to 12 years on charges of corruption and money laundering in January 2018 and was ordered to start serving his sentence before all his appeals were exhausted, by Brazil's Supreme Court in April 2018. The former president's release in November was precipitated by a Supreme Court ruling which stated that people could only be imprisoned once all their higher court appeals have been exhausted, in a decision that granted almost 5,000 prisoners their liberty.

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