Brazil: Lula addresses supporters in Sao Bernardo do Campo following release from jail

Former President of Brazil Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva addressed his supporters in Sao Bernardo do Campo, Saturday, following his release from jail as he began a tour of the nation. «I prepared myself not to hate. I prepared myself not to want revenge. I prepared myself not to have my demons. And why did I prepare myself? Because I wanted to prove that even [though I was] jailed by them,» he... Еще announced to cheering crowds. «Those who celebrated the fall of Berlin wall in the 90s [1989] are constructing a wall against the poor — a wall to not allow poor people into the United States,» added Lula, criticising US President Donald Trump on the 30th anniversary since the fall of Berlin Wall. Lula was convicted and sentenced to 12 years on charges of corruption and money laundering in January 2018 and was ordered to start serving his sentence before all his appeals were exhausted, by Brazil's Supreme Court in April 2018. Lula's release was precipitated by a ruling by the Supreme Court on Thursday, which stated that people could only be imprisoned once all their higher court appeals have been exhausted, in a decision that is set to grant almost 5,000 prisoners their liberty.

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