Brazil: Hundreds rally against 'colonisation' of indigenous land in Sao Paulo

Hundreds rallied in defence of the demarcation of indigenous lands in the Amazon, in Sao Paulo, Wednesday. Protester Mirinjuyan described the withdrawing of indigenous land as a «colonisation» process. «They are deforesting our natural areas killing who lives there so they can be removed so they can make a profit and do their business and research, look for oil in indigenous land, stealing it's... Еще minerals, water and plants,» he went on to say. On August 21, Brazilian Justice Minister Torquato Jardim published an order cancelling the demarcation o the Jaragua Indigenous Land, traditionally occupied by the Guarani-Mbya people. Protesters fear this could indicate the Temer government may cancel other land demarcation processes which had previously been approved.

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