Brazil: Hundreds out in force to show support for convicted Lula

Hundreds of people supporting former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva took to the streets of Porto Alegre to show their support for him on Wednesday. While the demonstrations were taking place, the first of three judges in a Brazilian court voted to uphold Lula's criminal conviction of corruption, in a case that could sink his presidential ambitions and shape the outcome of October's upcoming... Еще election. One demonstrator believed the criminal case was simply a means to remove Lula. «This process is a coup with support of the USA, it is the same as the coup in 74 where Brizola [former politician] resisted, and now it is repeating and they are using justice system to carry out the coup,» said Jose Leite, a demonstrator. Lula is expected to file more appeals, but would need to overturn the ruling before presidential candidates are officially announced in August.

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