Brazil: Customers queue up to buy chloroquine as govt recommends its use for COVID-19

Locals queued up to purchase the anti-malarian medication hydroxychloroquine at a pharmacy in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday, as the Brazilian Ministry of Health recommended the use of the drug for treating COVID-19 patients. «We ran out of stock,» Pharmacy employee Nelson Nett said. «We are trying to search with the distributors but it is really difficult for us to achieve, because the demand for... Еще this medicine is immense,» he said. The pharmacy employees were seen talking to clients in person and over the phone to supply the demand for the drug, which use is now being supported by the Ministry of Health on all patients including children who would be in the early stages of infection. «Throwing that responsibility on people is like wiping your hands,» explained customer Nadia. «The health ministry is wiping your hands on what's going to happen to the citizens. I don't believe in chloroquine at all, there's no proof, nor are ministers accepting to use it,» she concluded. The drug has recently gained notoriety in Brazil after the country's former Health Minister Nelson Teich reportedly resigned from his position due to disagreements with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on using the drug to treat COVID-19. As of Thursday, Brazil ranks third worldwide with most COVID-19 infected. It has reported 291,579 coronavirus cases and 18,850 fatalities, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

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