Brazil: Activists protest against Bolsonaro's climate policies as fires ravage Pantanal region

Protesters picketed outside the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) headquarters in Sao Paulo on Friday, protesting against Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and his climate policies which the protesters believe contributed to fires in the Pantanal region. The protesters exhibited numerous placards denouncing Bolsonaro, including photographs depicting him with fangs and horns, and a mock-up coffin. Pablito, a protester, said, «We came here to denounce this dramatic situation that we are living in, with fires in Pantanal, and also what's happening still in the Amazon. The responsible is Bolsonaro who went to the UN saying it was a natural phenomenon and blamed the indigenous. This is a responsibility of the agribusiness and the landowners, mining companies devastating the eco-system just for capitalist greed.» Gabriela, another protester, added, «We have no coherent climate policies, we have no environmental justice for those people living in areas where they don't get sustainable managing. Those fires are alarming.» The fires ravaging the Pantanal region, which is the world's largest wetland region, have already devastated around 3.3 million hectares (8.1 million acres), or 22 percent of the area, according to reports. Around 600 jaguars, out of the approximately 2,000 living in Pantanal, have been affected in some way by the fires.


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