Boyfriend acting shady? 'Shadow boyfriend' to protect women living alone in Japan

have a custom in the past that Japanese women living alone hang a male underwear outside the veranda as a security measure so that people will think that a man lives in the room.» idea, or problem-solving product that will reduce the crime rate against women living alone. And that's why we came up with this product.» choose boxing, we want to make an image that shows a very big strong man... Еще inside the room to scare the criminals away.» A Tokyo apartment management company launched a security system that projects realistic shadows of moving men on curtains to protect women who live alone. Named after «man on the curtain», the system throws a virtual silhouette of a man onto the curtain to trick potential criminals into thinking that there is more than one person living in the apartment. Controlled by smartphone, the «shadow boyfriend» can perform 12 different tasks including boxing, baseball, hoovering as well as playing guitar. Each lasts for 30 minutes. As one of the largest metropolis' in the world, Tokyo has a huge population of single women living alone who remain a main target, though Japan has a relatively low crime rate.

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