Bosnia and Herzegovina: Thousands OAPs hit the streets in Sarajevo to protest social conditions

Several thousand pensioners in the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo took to the streets outside the Federal Government building in order to protest against a variety of social conditions which they face, Wednesday. The pensioners were aggravated by the government’s failure to implement a new pension and disability insurance law, low pension payments, poor health and social protection measures. Some... Еще 270,000 pensioners live off the minimum rate of 320 marka, around US $200, a month. «From the beginning of 2015 until the middle of 2017, our parliamentarians received on the account of salaries, hot meals, allowances and transport the amount of US $83,000. And they say there is no money for pensioners. There is money, but it needs just to be distributed correctly,» said Meho Ibrahimagic, President of the Executive Committee of the Association of the Una-Sana Canton.

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