Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevans break Ramadan fast against stunning backdrop

Saturday marked the end of the holy month of Ramadan for Bosnia's Muslims and the ceremonial breaking of the month's fast known as «Eid al-Fitr.» Sarajevo locals honored the occasion at a stunning locale in the city's surrounding mountains, lighting off a cannon at sundown to begin the evening's final 'iftar' meal. «Ramadan means a lot to me and my family. It is a month in which we are all... Еще full of joy, happiness and beautiful moments. Tonight it is beautiful for me to be in this place and hear the cannon that marks iftar in our city,» said Ilma Kadric, a local. Another resident said that visitors should try to catch the true 'soul of Sarajevo' during the holy month if they can. Muslims make up nearly 50% of Bosnia's population, and the country also contains large Orthodox Christian and Roman Catholic minorities.

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