Bosnia and Herzegovina: Migrants call for help as hundreds fear winter in makeshift camp

Migrants were seen living in difficult conditions at the Vucjak makeshift camp in Bosnia's Bihac. Footage filmed on Saturday shows migrants treading through the tents erected in the mud, under the rain. Build on a former landfill, this settlement offers no running water or electricity. Migrants, some of them wearing sandals, were seen gathered around fires to fight the cold. Amin, who came to... Еще Bihac from Afghanistan, explained that «the situation is very hard, because here the problem is about food, about water, about everything.» Kafil Kashar, migrant from India, said that «it's very cold weather and snowfall is coming in a couple of weeks maybe, so we are [at] a very crucial time and we are looking to the IMO [International Organisation for Migration] and United Nations to help us please.» The Vucjak migrant camp is run by the International Organisation for Migration, and is reported to host around 2,000 people who are registered as asylum seekers.

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