Bolivians dance their way to heaven for Day of the Dead

People celebrated a «Farewell to the soul» ritual in the Bolivian village of Caramarca on Saturday as part of the day of the dead festivities, which sees mourners dressing up as the soul of deceased people before they go back to heaven with music and dancing. The celebration consists of people making offerings of what the deceased used to like in life, before dancing around a relative of the... Еще deceased dressed up in white, symbolising the soul of the departed. Before leaving, the 'soul' playfully hits the relatives with a stick as a reminder for his or her loved ones to behave in this earthly life. «We leave the cemetery singing. Then we form a circle, we dance. The soul says goodbye to the whole family, crying. The soul makes us cry. Then, dancing, the soul goes off into the mountains with the people-shaped bread. That is the tradition of Caramarca,» said Caramarca resident Eufronio Caballero.

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