Bolivia: War scenes as Morales legal fight for sea storms on

President Evo Morales attended the re-enactment of a famous battle against Chilean troops in Bolivian city of Potosi on Wednesday as a modern day legal fight over sea access came to an end thousands of miles away. Morales bolstered the crowd with a speech at site of the Canchas Blancas battle which was the only time the Bolivian army defeated Chilean troops during the War of the Pacific. His... Еще address came as Bolivia's long-standing demand for sea access at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague came to an end. He told the crowd: «I cannot understand, sisters and brothers, and I am being honest and direct to the people of the world. It’s incomprehensible in these times that Chilean oligarchic groups are anti-South American, and why do I say this? During the last years, during the conflict about Malvinas, Argentina and England, oligarchic groups of Chile supported England. That cannot be understood. There is still a colonial mentality, an invasionist mentality, a mentality of wanting conflict between neighbours.» The Bolivian government has demanded negotiations with Chile claiming sovereign sea access. Their southern neighbour rejected Bolivia's arguments, saying that they wouldn't abandon the thousands of Chilean families living in the disputed territory. The battle of Canchas Blancas occurred during the Pacific War in 1879 when local forces defeated the Chilean Army as they attempted to take over Potosi and Chuquisaca.

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