Bolivia: Supporters pay tribute to Che Guevara ahead of 52nd anniversary of his death

Dozens of people visited the Che Guevara Mausoleum in the Bolivian city of Vallegrande on Tuesday, to pay tribute to the Argentine revolutionary figure ahead of the 52nd anniversary of his death. Gathering at the Cultural Center «Ernesto Guevara,» local residents and pilgrims spoke about Che's ideology and placed flowers on a pit where his body and those of other guerrillas were found. «My... Еще father left a letter to my mother where he said 'if I die in combat, take my rifle, and keep fighting.' And my mother did so. She had us trained in what my father wanted and she also continued as a normal teacher, training children with social sensitivity,» said Zoia Coronado, one of those in attendance and daughter of a former guerrilla fighter. According to reports, the Guevarista Movement of Santa Cruz Department carried out several tributes in several Bolivian cities. Cuba and other Latin American countries also prepared activities to commemorate the historic leader's death. The socialist revolutionary was executed by soldiers 52 years ago in Bolivia, at the age of 39. Following his death Che became an international symbol for revolution and left-wing ideals.

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