Bolivia's Anti-Imperialist Military School *PARTNER CONTENT*

As the United States sets its sights on the overthrow of the Venezuelan government, other countries in Latin America are preparing to resist possible US intervention. In Bolivia, the government of President Evo Morales set up an Anti-Imperialist Military School in 2016 to defend the country's sovereignty. Redfish gained access to the academy to learn why the Bolivian government believes that... Еще such a school is necessary for maintaining its independence and self-determination in the face of continued US threats toward the continent's progressive governments. The academy was conceived of as a response to the infamous School of the Americas, the US military training facility notorious for training generations of right-wing Latin American dictators and death squads. Juan Ramon Quintana, the Minister of the Presidency and one of the key figures behind the establishment of the school, said that before the government of Evo Morales took power «Bolivia was practically controlled from outside and the entire state security structures were submitted to the U.S. embassy… Some people say, 'why an anti-imperialist school for the armed forces?' You know why, because the armed forces since 1940 were the most imperialist actor.» Quintana believes that Bolivia is next in line for US intervention after Venezuela, saying «They will surely declare Bolivia as a threat to the national security of the USA — I am telling you in advance — as they did with Venezuela.» Helena Argirakis, who develops the school's curriculum, told redfish «it's fundamental that the South American states and South American armed forces are prepared for the coming years, in political terms, but also in terms of defense and security.»

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