Bolivia: Pro-Morales protesters block oil refinery near La Paz

Indigenous supporters of former Bolivian President Evo Morales continued the blockade of the Bolivian Fiscal Oil Fields (YPFB) Senkata oil refinery in El Alto, a city adjacent to La Paz, on Sunday. Footage shows protesters with Wiphala flags gathered on the site, and blocking the road with a fire. Alejandro Gutierrez, one of the demonstrators, said: «we have gathered in this town hall, [and made... Еще a decision] that indefinite blockade will be carried out, we will definitely block until this coup is over.» Another protester, Josefa Terri, deplored the current political situation in Bolivia by saying «I cry for my people, I'm already old for this, I've been fighting to have my home, this town has fought, and now they want to take everything.» The ongoing blockade has reportedly led to fuel shortages in El Alto and La Paz. Earlier this month, Evo Morales announced his resignation after several weeks of protests over the results of the October 20 elections. Opposition Senator Jeanine Anez declared herself interim president in a session of Parliament after Morales fled to Mexico. Morales' departure and Anez’s recognition by the Senate as the new president increased tensions between supporters and opponents of the former indigenous leader.

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