Bolivia: Pro and anti-Morales protesters face-off in La Paz

Bolivia: Pro and anti-Morales protesters face off in La Paz Protests in the Bolivian capital La Paz continued overnight on Wednesday as supporters and opponents of President Evo Morales faced-off and police deployed tear gas to disperse protesters. Reports say, opponents of President Evo Morales, mainly students, attempted to enter Murillo square, the political centre of La Paz, while supporters... Еще of the president mainly miners intervened to prevent them. Footage shows miners using dynamite to push back students as police deployed tear gas to disperse the crowd. Protests broke out across Bolivia over disputed election results which gave President Evo Morales enough votes to avoid a run-off. Despite the announcement that the numbers will be audited, the protests continued as the opposition demands a new vote without Morales taking part. Morales, who served three terms as president since 2006, ran for a fourth term despite a 2016 referendum voting down a constitutional amendment allowing him to do so. The supreme court nullified the results of the referendum in 2017, ruling public officials had no term limits.

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