Bolivia: Polemic $34m presidential palace sparks protests in La Paz

Bolivian President Evo Morales inaugurated the newly-built ‘Great House of the People’ in La Paz on Thursday, with the building set to serve as the government headquarters despite sparking controversy and protests. Many protesters also sought to remind Morales that he had been defeated in a 2016 referendum which would have allowed him to run for a third consecutive term. The 26-storey... Еще skyscraper was commissioned by Morales three years ago at a reported cost of some $34m (€29.5m), leading its critics to say it is unnecessary and overpriced. The palace also reportedly houses a 1,000 square metre (10,760 sq ft) suite alongside a spa complete with a Jacuzzi, sauna and massage parlour. “Morales squanders the town's money [...] the city said ‘No’ because it does not want waste,” said Jaime, a protester. “The city wants healthcare, education, work and not palaces made for Morales.” At the opening of the Great House, Morales justified the construction, citing the size of former offices and their colonial heritage. “Today is a day of pride for the Bolivian people, because we have dignity, we have identity and we are fighting for the equality of all Bolivians,” he said. “’La Casa Grande del Pueblo’ is for the better management of all Bolivians.”

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