Bolivia: Not-so-Virgin Mary? Thong-clad Madonna sparks fury in Oruro

Catholic faithful held an open prayer in the Bolivian city of Oruro on Thursday, after a painting depicting the Virgin Mary half naked and wearing a thong sparked a religion-fuelled outcry in Bolivia. Believers marched holding images of the Virgin and denounced the use of the holy images for artistic purposes. For the Bishop of Oruro, Cristobal Bialasik, leading the collective prayer «a... Еще misunderstood freedom of expression, cannot justify this lack [of respect], this offence.» Attendees expressed their belief that art and faith do not 'mix and match' and demanded respect from the artists. The painter Rilda Paco explained that the thong symbolises the differences between the oppression of woman throughout history and a renewed hope in modern times. «I think they are exaggerating too much, because for once, they are not respecting my freedom of expression, my freedom of thought,» she added.

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