Bolivia: Navy displays 'world's biggest flag' in territorial dispute with Chile

The Bolivian navy displayed a 200km-long (124 miles) flag along a highway in the Andes connecting the cities of La Paz and Oruro, on Saturday, to support their aim to reclaim sea access for their country. Thousands of protesters held the massive flag as it was stretched out to full length. Footage shows Bolivian President Evo Morales at the Flag For The Sea event in Oruro as he addressed the... Еще crowd, stating they they are «prepared with historical and economic legal arguments» to prove to the «International Court of Justice and to all the inhabitants of the planet that our cause is just.» Aerial footage also shows the flag stretching along a highway. The territory in question was lost in a war with Chile in the late 19th century. Bolivia aims to present their case to the International Court of Justice in the Hague to try and get it back.

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