Bolivia: Morales points finger at US, offers support to Maduro during military parade

Bolivian President Evo Morales accused the United States of untoward intervention in Venezuela as he gave a speech during an armed forces celebration in Achacachi on Monday. Having witnessed some 25,000 people, including service personnel and members of the indigenous population, Morales spoke to the masses and criticised apparent American self-interest in the ongoing political upheaval in its... Еще ally Venezuela. Referring to the US as “the empire”, echoing Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's dubbing of US President Donald Trump, Morales said America was pursuing a “policy of revenge”. «Venezuela is a strategic link and this link has the largest amount of oil in the geopolitical world and oil energy is what the empire seeks, first to overthrow it, then dominate it and then seize Venezuelan oil,» said Morales.

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