Bolivia: Morales-led Democracy Day celebrations met by counter-protesters

President of Bolivia Evo Morales attended celebrations marking the national Day of the Democracy in La Paz on Wednesday. Joined by thousands of supporters, he marched through the city, holding banner of the Bolivian Workers' Center, the country's main trade union federation. «Thanks to the union struggle, we recovered the homeland and now we are building a new Bolivia. Some babes in arms to... Еще the dictatorship want to return, but I have great confidence in the conscience of the Bolivian people, who know who harmed us,» Morales said during a rally afterwards. At the same time, an anti-Morales protest took place in the country's capital, with demonstrators demanding the resignation of the leader. «We want him to leave, and we want the end of dictatorships. He is a president who wants to be eternal,» said one of the counter-protesters. «He stayed three times, now he wants to stay for the fourth time, we do not want that,» he added. Morales will stand for election in 2019, despite narrowly losing a referendum seeking reelection in 2016.

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