Bolivia: Medical staff remove body of man with COVID-19 symptoms from street *GRAPHIC*

Police officers from the Special Force to Fight Crime and Homicide (FELCC) and medical staff were seen removing the body from a 45-year-old man, who reportedly had symptoms of COVID-19, from a street in the Cerro San Miguel neighbourhood of the Bolivian city of Cochabamba on Saturday. «He was a neighbour of the area,» said one of the medical professionals at the scene, «and, those who lived with him in a room have realized that at 5 AM (09:00 GMT) he was dead, so they decided to take him out. He had a coughing problem.» Police officers blocked the street until the medical staff arrived with protective suits and decontamination equipment to remove the body of Mario N., who was being guarded by street dogs «They say he's from La Paz. I'm sure we'll let his family know, so they can take his body away, because look, he's been on the streets for 5 hours and nobody's saying anything,» the medical staff added. Staff have reportedly been seen removing bodies from the streets on several occasions in Cochabamba, the third worst-hit city in Bolivia, as hospitals, funeral homes and cemeteries are saturated. As of Sunday, Bolivia has reported 68,281 coronavirus cases and 2,535 deaths with the disease according to Johns Hopkins University.

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