Bolivia: Luis Arce sworn in as new president in La Paz

Luis Arce was sworn in as the new President of Bolivia in a ceremony held in the Legislative Assembly of La Paz on Sunday. Footage shows Arce taking the oath, and being draped in the presidential sash, alongside excerpts of his 29-minute speech. After the ceremony, Arce went to the Casa Grande del Pueblo, where he was photographed and greeted by Argentine President Alberto Fernandez, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arriaza, Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias and King Felipe VI. «We face the great challenge of rebuilding our economy, of generating certainty, of generating growth with income redistribution, of reducing economic and social inequalities. Today we are here to send a message of hope to all the nations that make up Bolivia,» Arce declared during the ceremony. The president also criticised the government led by interim President Jeanine Añez, saying that «Bolivia was the scene of an internal and systematic war against the people, especially the poorest. The two tasks the de facto government set itself: pacifying the country and calling immediate elections were not fulfilled, quite the opposite. Death, fear, and discrimination were sown, racism increased and the pandemic was used to extend an illegal and illegitimate government.» The 57-year-old, who was minister of the economy during the presidency of Evo Morales, won a resounding electoral victory representing the Movement towards Socialism (MAS).

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