Bolivia: Llamas sacrificed for 'Mother Earth' in return for prosperity *GRAPHIC*

Llamas were sacrificed in La Paz on Wednesday, as part of an ancestral Andean ritual to show gratitide to 'Pachamama' (Mother Earth deity) and ask for prosperity and health. According to an old tradition, the yatiri (community healer) has to offer Pachamama blood and in return 'she' grants the people prosperity and health. For believer Guido Vargas, «this for us Bolivians is to pay [for] what... Еще the land gives us, the Pachamama gives us business, also health and work, so we also have to respond like this.» The yatiri goes through with the 'wilancha' (sacrifice) and then offers the blood and heart of the llama as an offering to Pachamama. «The sacrifice is a 'wilancha', when they have large businesses such as a workshop, a hardware store or a car, the custom is done with a sacrifice, with a wilancha,» said a local yatiri called Eddy «El Copacabaneno.»

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