Bodybuilding doctor dubbed real life ‘Chun-Li’ as her ripped physique goes viral

Bodybuilding doctor Yuan Herong, whose Instagram posts of her impressive physique have gone viral and have led some to call her the real life “Chun Li” from the video game Street Fighter, showed off her impressive figure in the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao on Sunday. Footage shows Herong lifting weights, doing pull ups and stretching her astonishing muscles. The thirty-year-old established a... Еще gruelling routine in the gym, under tutelage of professional bodybuilder Zhang Wei. «I just take it as a hobby to exercise naturally without medication,» she said, adding that she goes to the gym four to five times a week after work at the medical facility. Though she has «no specific plan» for her bodybuilding future, Zhang Wei expressed his wish to take her to bodybuilding competitions «in the future,» recognising how «very hardworking, very willing to suffer» she is.

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