Bibi take the wheel! Florida man takes MAGA Lambo for spin

A Sunrise, Florida resident shifted his love for Trump and Netanyahu to the next gear by emblazoning the leaders' faces on the hood of his Lamborghini and topping it off with a crimson-red MAGA inscription, as shown in footage from Monday. The Lamborghini Aventador's bonnet boasts US and Israeli flags behind the shoulder-to shoulder leaders, a composition, car owner Joe Zevoluni said, that... Еще symbolises the «special friendship» between the two nations. «I wanted to send a message, [a] message of unity, [of] unbreakable bond, unshakeable bond between [the] two countries,» Israeli-American Zevoluni enthused. Zevoluni credited his refashioned ride with shining a light on «the bond between the two countries» to people who didn't even know what an Israeli flag looks like in the first place. In addition to being a vehicle for education, the proud Lambo owner said his wheels boasted an intra-generational appeal, tickling the fancy of the younger ones in particular: «kids absolutely love it.»

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