Berliners shocked at AfD election results

Berliners reacted to Sunday's federal election results, with one, Anja, stating that she was «horrified» by the relative success of Alternative for Germany (AfD) while another said that the result was a «catastrophe.» While another local, Peter, said «It is a bad result. We had only a 41 voter turnout I think. It is really bad, not even every other German voted. And that the AfD enters the... Еще Bundestag with approximately 13 percent is a catastrophe for us.» Pascal predicted that «for the SPD I believe it is the best what they can do. One has seen in the previous years, when they were together in the coalition with the CDU that it hasn't brought anything.» Adding «They were the younger brother of the CDU and now they can engage better in the opposition now. I think it is better to be in the opposition as to continue in the government.» The first exit poll result has CDU/CSU at 32.5 percent, SPD at 20 percent and AfD in third place with 13.50 percent. The result gives AfD access to the German parliament for the first time.

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