Berlin techno DJ tries 'fundraving' to revive legendary Love Parade

German techno DJ Matthias Roeingh, known as Dr Motte, has begun fundraising in his hometown Berlin on Wednesday in attempt to give second life to the legendary Love Parade music festival. A so-called 'fundraving' was organised through the DJ's foundation «Rave the Planet». An installation in the central Mall of Berlin represents a miniature recreation of the Love Parade, with hundreds of tiny... Еще figurines raving near Tiergarten's Victory Column, often at the heart of big public celebrations. The campaign's PR director Ellen Dosch-Roeingh explained that those who wish the festival to return in its original, non-commercial form can make a donation by buying one of the figurines for as little as €5 ($5.50). The project seeks to create «intangible cultural heritage for the electronic music» and «protect the club and festival culture all over Germany and Europe», she added. Roeingh created Love Parade in 1989 as a manifesto for peace through the music. The event garnered worldwide success, but was suspended since 2010, when an incident in Duisburg killed 21 people and left 500 injured.

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