Belguim: Puigdemont calls upcoming election 'second round of Oct 1'

Deposed Catalan President Carles Puigdemont told Catalans on Tuesday via video link from Brussels that, if an anti-independence party wins in December 21 elections, “we will have given our sovereignty to Mariano Rajoy.” Puigdemont spoke about the importance of these elections saying, “We know that day 21 is the second round of October 1. And, therefore, what there is at stake is enormous. In... Еще fact, what it’s at stake is everything.” He also promised that, if Junts per Catalunya wins, he will “enter the Palau de la Generalitat accompanied by the legitimate government that the 155 wanted to see ceased and decapitated.” The Catalan leader explained that the most important thing is to vote for a pro-independence party, regardless of which one it is. “What it’s at stake is not who wins the elections, but if the country wins or if Rajoy wins”, he said. He also warned Catalans that “any other alternative is a defeat, not a one-day or one- mandate defeat, but a decade-long defeat, and a very serious historic precedent”. On December 21, Catalans are set to vote for 135 lawmakers in the regional parliament, which has been dominated by pro-independence parties since 2015. The anticipated elections are expected to determine the course of a secession crisis that escalated after the October 1 Catalan independence referendum.


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