Belgium: Zuckerberg praises advances in flagging controversial content

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg reviewed and elaborated on Facebook's advances with AI technology during hearing with European Union (EU) politicians in Brussels on Tuesday. «One of the things I’m proud of is that our AI systems now can flag 99 percent of the ISIS and Al-Qaeda related content, that we end up taking down, before any person in our community flags that for us,» Zuckerberg... Еще said. Zuckerberg conceded that they 'were too slow to identify Russian interference on Facebook in the US presidential election' but remained optimistic on Facebook's future performance when dealing with elections. «I have more confidence that we are going to get this right going forward because we’ve already done a better job in several important elections since 2016, including the French presidential election, the German elections and the Alabama special election in the US last year,» he said.

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