Belgium: 'We are satisfied' — Conte on EU recovery plan outcome

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte told reporters in Brussels on Tuesday that he was satisfied following the conclusion of a negotiation round with EU member states over the COVID-19 recovery fund. «The recovery plan which we approved is indeed very consistent. €750 million (USD$859 billion) of which a good chunk will go to Italy. We're talking about 28%, €209 billion (USD$239 billion) to Italy,» explained Conte during the live transmission. «We have a big responsibility. With €209 billion (USD$239 billion) we have the possibility to kickstart the country with strength, to change our country's face,» he further added. The agreement on a recovery plan to fund the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic was reached following a four-day marathon negotiation between the European Union's 27 member nations, the longest summit in the last 20 years.

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