Belgium: Ukrainian journalists accuse govt of «intimidation», call for Poroshenko’s impeachment

Ukrainian journalists Ruslan Kotsaba and Olga Belova held a joint press conference in Brussels on Tuesday, where they condemned the «intimidation» and «use of force» by Ukrainian security forces against journalists. «If you don't support the state in this war, you are immediately accused of acting against the people, of being an enemy of the people, a hand of Moscow or a spy of the Kremlin... Еще», Kotsaba argued. On her end, Olga Belova, who is using a pseudonym name for her safety, recounted how she was abducted off the streets of Kiev by Ukrainian security forces because of her profession. She claimed this act to be «unlawful», adding that «they are trying to intimidate the journalists by using force». Kotsaba also called for impeachment for President Petro Poroshenko, accusing him of making «business out of the civil war,» as well as «genocide against his own people.» Kotsaba stated that this is, among other acts, a ground for Ukrainian Rada to seek «the impeachment procedure».

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