Belgium/UK: «Very, very dangerous» — UK politicians on US' RT America decision

United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) MEP Ray Finch and former MP and Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, commented on the US demand that RT America registers as a foreign agent, Wednesday. «What they're [USA] doing is very, very dangerous. We know that this legislation goes back to before the second world war, where it was used to deal with Nazi propaganda channels,» Finch said from Brussels... Еще. Speaking from London, Livingstone said: «[RT] Casts news that is true that American governments don't want people to hear.» He added: «what I found very helpful about RT, is it's telling us much more about what's happening in the horrific war in the Yemen, than you ever see on Western televisions because Western governments are trying to suppress the news of what Saudi Arabia's doing.»

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