Belgium: 'Transition not a given' — Barnier casts doubt on Brexit transition deal

In a press conference after the latest round of Brexit talks in Brussels on Friday, Michel Barnier, EU Chief Brexit negotiator, expressed his concerns with the United Kingdom’s growing demands saying persisting disagreements between the EU and Downing Street has cast a long shadow of doubt on the transition period. On the issue of Ireland during transition, Barnier emphasised the necessity of a... Еще future relationship between the two Irelands saying that «It would need to avoid a hard border and protect north-south cooperation and the Good Friday Agreement.» A major area of disagreement however laid in the UK’s demands to treat European citizens arriving in England, during and up until the exit day, differently saying, «This is a major issue for us and a major issue also for the European Parliament.» Barnier called out the UK on its double standards as it wished to benefit from «New European policies… even if they have decided to quit these very policies at the end of the transition» and concluded by stating, «If these disagreements persist, the transition is not a given.»

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