Belgium: Thousands take to Brussels over health care underfunding

Some 4,000 people took to the streets of Brussels on Sunday to protest the what they say is the underfunding of the Belgian healthcare system brought up by the COVID-19 crisis. Health care workers from the collective «Sante en Lutte» («Health Struggle») gathered at the central station to demand a refinancing of health care, end of the «commercialisation of health care,» pay rises and more staff. «I am convinced that the sole purpose of a hospital is to heal people, help them to get better and appease their pain and not to act according to the logic of austerity, productivity, and growth,» a spokesperson said on stage. Police officers followed the protesters closely, as they chanted slogans and held various signs reading messages such as «Hospital accommodation, the dirty social» or «No benefit over our lives: health fight.»

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