Belgium: Thousands join Puigdemont in Brussels rally for Catalan independence

Independence supporter (Spanish): «It is a feeling.» Independence supporter (Spanish): «All of our life we have been waiting for this and suffered at the hands of Spain.» Independence supporter (Spanish): «It is freedom.» Independence supporter (Spanish): «There is no democracy [in Spain] and now there is democracy in Catalonia.» Tens of thousands of Catalans descended on the streets of... Еще the Belgian capital of Brussels on Thursday to march in support of the Catalan independence. Former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont, who is currently in self-imposed exile in Belgium, joined protesters in Brussels to demand the backing of EU institutions for the separatist cause. In a speech, Puigdemont expressed optimism Catalan independence. He said, «mobilise for freedom and peace. We want and we can construct opportunities for reform.» Protesters waved Catalan flags and built human towers symbolising Catalan cultural heritage. The former Catalan President has said he will remain in Belgium until the regional elections on December 21, after his European Arrest Warrant was withdraw by a Spanish judge. The EU has refused to mediate in the Catalan crisis and declared its support for the Spanish constitution.


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