Belgium: Stoltenberg urges NATO not to isolate Russia — 'I think the opposite'

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg spoke about his hopes for better relations with Russia during a Q&A session held ahead of the NATO Summit in Brussels on Wednesday. Listing a series of allegations against Russia, Stoltenberg said: «we do not accept his [Russian President Vladimir Putin's] illegal annexation of Crimea, we don't accept cyber propaganda, interference in domestic political... Еще process, we have seen Salisbury, the failed coup attempt in Montenegro, we have seen many examples and we don't accept that. But for me that's not an argument in favour of isolating Russia or to stop talking to Russia.» «Actually I think the opposite, when tensions are on high, it's even more important to talk to Russia to try to reduce tensions,» he added. He elaborated, stating that “even if we don't believe in a better relationship with Russia in the foreseeable future we have to talk to Russia to manage the difficult relationship, because we have more military presence, more exercises, more tensions, so we have to avoid miscalculations, incidents and accidents and at least if they happen, preventing them from spiralling out of control and creating really dangerous situations.” «I actually think it's possible to get a better relationship with Russia,» he added.

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