Belgium: Stoltenberg says NATO 'planning for a world without INF treaty'

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance was taking steps to prepare should the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty fall through Stoltenberg spoke in Brussels on Tuesday, ahead of the North Atlantic Council (NAC) for Defence Ministers meetings. «Russia has a last opportunity to take the responsible path to return to compliance and save the INF treaty. We urge Russia... Еще to take this opportunity. At the same time we're planning for a world without the INF treaty,» said Stoltenberg. «Any steps we take will be coordinated, measured and defensive. And we do not intend to deploy new ground-based nuclear missiles in Europe,» stated Stoltenberg, adding that NATO does not want a new arms race because it would be in nobody's interest. In his closing statement, Stoltenberg added that NATO representatives will be meeting their Russian counterparts for a renewed push to find a solution to the dispute. On 1 February, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo justified Washington's decision to suspend its obligations under the historic treaty, triggering the six-month withdrawal process, by yet again accusing Russia of violating the agreement. MANDATORY CREDIT: NATO TV

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