Belgium: Spain has 'egregiously violated its binding treaty obligations' — Puigdemont’s lawyer

«Spain seems to think that this is a piece of paper they can discard at will or at least the Rajoy government thinks to regard this international obligations as being a joke,» Ben Emmerson, the lawyer of self-exiled former president of Catalonia in Brussel said speaking of a 37-page submission to the UN Human Rights Committee on Friday. Speaking on behalf of Puigdemont, Emmerson said, «We will... Еще continue to file applications of genuine solid merit to the international community and its judicial enforcement mechanisms every month until Madrid government is finally persuaded that it must enter into genuine negotiations with the leadership of Catalan independence movement.» The statement came a day after Puigdemont announced that he will no longer be seeking the Catalan Presidency in a statement released from Brussels. Mandatory Credit: ACN

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