Belgium: Rajoy set to invoke Article 155 to stop Catalan «lawlessness»

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced that the government was set to invoke Article 155 of the Spanish constitution in a bid to stop 'lawlessness' in Catalonia, Friday. Speaking in Brussels, Rajoy said, «The fundamental objective of these measures is to return to the rule of law because we can't have an area of the country which is lawless, where the law doesn't exist and, at the same... Еще time, to return to a more regulated situation within our institutions.» Furthering his point, Rajoy said he had the full backing of the EU member states in the independence dispute. «Another aspect of this affair is that it's causing concern for other European member states, all of whom are supporting the Spanish government's position,» he explained. «The EU is founded on a handful of key principles: democracy, law, the rule of law, respect of human rights. And all of these have been attacked by the Catalan authorities in its past few decisions.» In an unprecedented move, Article 155 is set to be triggered in order to establish direct rule over Catalonia.

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