Belgium: Puigdemont vows to continue until Catalans achieve self-determination

Former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont said 'his journey would not end' until Catalan people secure the right to self-determination, at a joint press conference with the current President of the Government of Catalonia Quim Torra in Waterloo on Saturday. «My journey will not end until all political prisoners are released, exiles can return, and the Catalan people can fulfil its right to self... Еще-determination without the threat of violence,» Puigdemont said. Torra said it was «shameful that in 21st century Spain, there are political prisoners, exiled politicians, and hundreds and hundreds of people prosecuted by the judiciary,» and called the images of Spanish police beating innocent Catalan citizens «the biggest shame» in recent Spanish history. Puigdemont had been in Germany since his arrest on March 25, when the Spanish government issued a European warrant on rebellion charges. However, the district court in the German State of Schleswig-Holstein ruled he would not be extradited and released him on bail, causing a Spanish judge to withdraw the warrant. The still charges remain in place, meaning Puigdemont would be arrested if he returned to Spain.

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