Belgium: Puigdemont says he is not in Belgium to seek asylum

Catalonia's former President Carles Puigdemont declared that he has not travelled to Belgium to seek asylum, during a press conference in Brussels on Tuesday. Puigdemont stressed that he was «not trying to escape justice» but wanted to be able to speak freely. The former Catalan president also said he would accept the result of snap Catalonia elections on December 21, which were called by Spain... Еще's government after it invoked article 155 of the constitution, temporarily suspending Catalan autonomy. «I want a clear commitment from the state. Will the state respect the results that could give separatist forces a majority?» Puigdemont asked reporters. Spain's government has taken direct control of Catalonia and fired leading Catalan officials, following the region's banned independence referendum and unilateral declaration of independence. Puigdemont's declarations took place a day after Spain's leading prosecutor charged the former Catalan government and select parliament members with various charges including sedition and rebellion.


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