Belgium: Puigdemont and thousands of protesters demand EU backing

Former Catalan President Carles Puigdemont joined tens of thousands of Catalan independence supporters in Brussels on Thursday afternoon, to call upon the European Union to provide backing for Catalan nationalism. In a speech, Puigdemont made an impassioned plea to EU leaders to address the concerns of Catalan citizens. He said, «We want a Europe that listens to its own citizens, apart from... Еще listening to the States. Of course it has to listen to its States, but not only. It has to listen also to its citizens.” So far, the EU has refused to mediate in the Catalan crisis and declared its support for the Spanish constitution. The former Catalan President has been in residence in Belgium since his government made a universal declaration of independence. Puigdemont has said that he will extend his stay in the country until the regional elections on December 21 after a Spanish judge withdrew a warrant for his arrest.


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