Belgium: Puigdemont abandons bid for Catalan Presidency

Former president of Catalonia Carles Puigdemont announced that he will no longer be seeking the Catalan Presidency in a statement released from Brussels, Thursday. «Today, I have informed the speaker of the parliament of Catalonia that provisionally I will not present my candidacy to the Presidency of the Catalan Government. I have asked that he begins as soon as possible the round of talks with... Еще the various political parties in order to find a new candidate,» stated Puigdemont. The exiled Catalan leader then suggested that jailed Catalan leader Jordi Sanchez would be proposed as an alternative Catalan President, stating «I announce that 'Juntos pela Catalunia' will propose the member of parliament Jordi Sanchez.» Puigdemont went on to inform that his lawyers filed «a case against the Spanish state to the United Nations Human Rights Committee, a demand for the violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the charter on civil and political rights.» Mandatory Credit: Junts per Catalunya

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