Belgium: NATO chief says tensions with Russia highest in years, importance of dialogue

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the NATO-Russia relationship was «more difficult than it's been for many years» and stressed the importance of dialogue while speaking at a press conference at the Alliance headquarters in Brussels on Thursday. «We continue to strive for a meaningful dialogue with Russia, and we believe that especially when times are difficult, especially when... Еще tensions are high as they are now,» Stoltenberg said. «Even without any improvement in the relationship, it is important to manage the relationship we have with Russia,» the NATO Secretary-General added. Stoltenberg called alleged Russian involvement in the Skripal case as «highly likely.» Stoltenberg also announced a new NATO training mission in Iraq and touched down on the Iranian nuclear deal by saying, «it's important to address those concerns that are not covered by the deal. For instance the missile programme.» «No deal will be effective; no deal will be good if it's not fully implemented,» Stoltenberg said.

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