Belgium: Moreno turned in Assange 'for revenge' over corruption allegations — ex-president Correa

Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa said current president Lenin Moreno turned Assange in to the British police in an attempt to get revenge on those who accused him of corruption while speaking in an interview with RT from Brussels on Thursday. «That [corruption] had already been denounced. And the issue got worse because WikiLeaks, with whom Assange has no contact, made public very... Еще serious cases of corruption by Moreno, he will go to jail. But before going to jail he wants to die killing, so in his pathological hate, in his desire for revenge, what he did is turning Assange in to the British police,» said Correa. He also criticised Moreno's decision of opening the Embassy's doors to allow the British police in the building. «What they did was to turn him in, not even turn him in, they allowed the British police to enter our embassy. Can you imagine that? Foreign police entering the embassy of Ecuador -imagine for a second that the Ecuadorian police entered the US Embassy, outrageous.» The former leader of Ecuador accused Moreno of having an alliance with the US in order to get financing for his campaign. «He said it in a statement before the special investigator of Manafort's case, Paul Manafort, former Trump's campaign manager, visited Ecuador 30 May 2017, just a week after Moreno was inaugurated, and Moreno offered him Assange if USA helped him get financing.» «He got an agreement with the IMF with the approval of the US. In 2018, Mike Pence visited Ecuador and three things were negotiated: to isolate Venezuela, which he did with enthusiasm, to grant impunity to Chevron, which he did with enthusiasm, and to turn Assange in,» Correa added. MANDATORY CREDIT RT mandatory credit rt

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