Belgium: Mogherini says Iran nuclear deal is working

High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini said that the Iran nuclear deal is working and that full implementation is necessary on Wednesday in Brussels. Mogherini was on her way to the second day of the joint EU-UN Syria Conference when she was asked about French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent comment on the Iran nuclear deal. «There is one... Еще deal that is existing currently. It is extremely clear from the words of President Macron and from the words and position of all Europeans that the deal we have in place today, the only existing deal for the moment, is working, has been preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon,» she said. Mogherini also spoke about the situation in Syria, stressing once again the hopes of the EU and the UN for the country: «We need in particular Russia, Iran to exercise pressure on Damascus so that it accepts to sit at the table under UN auspices. The opposition with whom we have been working in these years is today more united and ready to sit for negotiating. We believe that the only sustainable peace for Syria will be linked to a political process.»

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